LA Textile Convention


Two of my associates from the pop-up project & I went out to scope and source the LA Textile convention held at the California Market Center.


I have been to Gift Trade Shows before and even I was overwhelmed by the extent of materials being showcased there. I found a great number of suppliers for fabric, hardware, trimmings, and labels. There were many companies presenting new lines of high-tech fabrics. Sustainable & Eco fabrics are a nice buzz words, which some used to promote, in general though quality was over-all the most important attribute. Soft, non-chemical, durability, safe, particularly the most noticeably funded fiber was Buhler Quality Yarn’s MicroModal, Tencel, and Su Pima. I touched them and yes, they are all those characteristics.

We also sat in some great seminars with very notable panelists in the industry.

“Building a Brand” with
Rhapsody Clothing
My Tribe & Almeriane

They discussed international branding and how to protect. Trademarks and knowing the right people to trust. That was unanimously responded with: takes time and error… Sometimes that error can take the life out of a brand though. Stop Staring! was vocally grateful and tapped into the essence of attitude and spirituality being a great force in her business crossing borders.

Most notable quote: “know who you are hanging next to.” and design to be next to your design peers. No consignment by any true fashion designer.

“maximize & expand your brand identity” with
California fashion association
Velvet Heart

They discussed some of the laws and loopholes of intellectual property as it is today, the quickness of fashion knock-off, licensing and how horrible Ed Hardy has destroyed the value of his brand by over-licensing. How partnering with musicians and styling them can expand your brand and be invaluable.

“Zero to Sixty: How to take your line from idea to sale” with Liza Deyrmenjian, CEO of

She was super inspirational. A savvy Canadian lady who started a manufacturing company by 25 and sold it off by 27. Deyrmenjian talked about her experiences of a serial entrepreneur, how to source, produce, and sale with comparisons of distribution centers. She also discussed the inevitable stumbles of business partners gone shady and the headache of lawyers. Funny enough, I was right there with the sister.

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