Calling all Buyers & Makers for 2013 Fashion Shows

We are preparing applications to get underway the new community/retail engagement shows for next year. If you follow larger labels and retailers, it is so important to be in the consumer’s mind 24/7. So, then it only makes sense that local retailers and makers should be aspiring to that as well, right?

Burgheoisie will start a new pattern of communication by directly engaging neighborhoods with their local retailers new seasonal lines and regional makers who can be found in outdoor markets or on-line right here in Pittsburgh. Yeah, we all know there’s Fashion Week that happens in Green Tree once a year, so what? So what, once a year isn’t enough! We’re totally making this a quarterly event.

If you’re a mortar & brick storefront, you know the advantages of taking your buyer’s newbie items out of the store and on to a runway in front of the public in action. Great marketing, and get this- we’re going to make sure your items have the ability to sell before they even hit the cat walk!

For those makers who may do IMI or HA and other outdoor, annual market shows, you might be thinking… another show! NO! this is not just another show, this is an opportunity to have your items be displayed in a way a regular art & craft show can not. You’ll have opportunity to interact with retail owners, their buyers, and the neighborhood clients who have never seen your works on live models. Remember to bring a photographer friend who can shoot video!

The point is, fashion shows are fun for everyone, great marketing and PR for the makers/buyers who can benefit from networking, and the neighborhoods will keep you in mind the next time they need the right outfit, accessory, or special gift.

Stay tuned for more details and applications. If you’re ultimately interested in joining or volunteering email us at burgheoisie @

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