Trademark it! & Postponement of Store

Yes, indeed, the US Patent Office granted me the trademark of BURGHEOISIE… Hooray! That was a grueling research process, thank goodness for my few lessons in argument & rhetoric through schooling.

At this point, I’m unsure if I will continue seeking a retail location to use this name as the store front.  Just the idea of having Burgheoisie and The Parlor at the newly slated location in Bloomfield generated such an increase of interest that the landlady has been handed numerous bids to buy-out our original agreement.  Thus, I am waiting to hear if this last-call commercial interest is bullet-proof and coming in with their check-books blazing to buy out the space I have been redeveloping.  Which, though sad, business is business, and I am looking at new ways to bring The Products of Pittsburgh back to a commercial space.

Perhaps, as many businesses are doing, I will wait to see what happens with our government and the impact on local development downtown.  I’ve inquired in other neighborhoods for retail space and am feeling out new partnerships to get something going.  In the meantime, I may just create an on-line store with our designers. Stay tuned!

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