Up Front: New Dress Line


While I waited for Burgheoisie to be accepted by the USPTO, I was busy developing a reproduction vintage dress to begin a dress line. Now that I have a trademarked name and a dress pattern, let the dress line begin!

You can check out my personal blog daedaldagny.com/ where I have three installments of “Behind the Dress Line” describing the fun of working with a pattern maker and factory.

Behind the Dress Line: Part 1
Behind the Dress Line: Part 2
Behind the Dress Line: Part 3

Since receiving the sample and pattern, I have changed gears and will be focusing on producing the dresses in Pittsburgh, patterns and all. One of my goals for Burgheoisie is to be entirely produced and manufactured in Pittsburgh to create a more authentic brand and hopefully, cross my fingers and stick needles in pin cushions, bring a new breed of ‘fashion house’ to the world, Burgheoisie style. ^_^

To move forward with this dress, I will begin a Kickstarter Fundraiser by the beginning of March 1st where you will be able to be support me in any way you can, and if you can, support me at the custom tailored dress just for you level! Stay tuned!

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