What is Burgheoisie Anyways?

Do you ever feel a surge, an overwhelming wave of thoughts, about the vastness of a problem? When you think of the world, do you consider all your memories, emotions, actions, and how many times that’s multiplied in a variety cultures and unfamiliar experiences? Have you laid on the beach or walked through a garden and suddenly realized the world works perfectly without us?

Who are we if not to experience the sense of what is here and what is possible?

It’s a start. It’s creative destruction, entropic entourages, and the notion that we aren’t as elevated as we once thought to be. That there is a kingdom of collaboration and conscious consumption. An art to using our resources wisely. Cherishing what is before us and learning to sustain it.  Demanding that we choose a course that balances the order of our creative minds and our physical limitations within our environment.

We’re a new class in the middle of a war for practical sustentation and quality dreams.  We can create lasting products and be paid a livable wage at the same time is plausible.  It is coming. It is here. Believe. Become an Ally of the Burgheoisie.

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