Future of Fashion: Pt 6

Fashion forward: Innovations drive sustainable clothing

Industry leaders convened last week in Istanbul at the Textile Exchange’s 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference to share solutions to enhance the integrity of products and practices in apparel and textiles.

“The industry is addressing fast fashion and moving toward a closed loop where end of use does not mean the end of life,” said Tricia Carey, vice chairperson of Textile Exchange and senior merchandising manager for Lenzing [German], a leading manufacturer of sustainable fiber. “But the biggest challenge is educating the consumer to decide about their purchases not by price, but by the environmental impact.”

Unfortunately, the vast majority of consumers are far from appreciating the intricacies of environmental impact. Nevertheless, the industry is making strides to measure and lessen these effects.

Read the full article here http://www.greenbiz.com/blog/2013/11/20/innovators-sustainable-apparel-patagonia-stella-mccartney

Nike’s Making App for Sustainable Designers

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