Kendra’s Fashion Challenge

With spring here, many of us are making our summer vacation plans and it’s always a challenge to pack for them.  Even TV celebrities have a hard time figuring out what to take with them!

Kendra Thornton, a well known travel expert, who regularly appears on news channels and television shows such as Tyra Banks and Nate Berkus invited Burgheoisie to take her Fashion Challenge!

“The travel experts at Gogobot have been helpful when planning things to do in orlando. I discovered Disney’s Animal Kingdom and was able to read research and reviews! I am so excited to see all they have to offer! Now, however, I need some help planning my wardrobe. I know I’ll enjoy my trip the most if I feel good about the way I look. I’ve chosen some of my favorite bloggers to help me choose an outfit to wear when I go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
It might help you to learn a little about the agenda I have planned as you choose my style for this adventure. My family and I will be hopping on board the Wildlife Express Train as we journey from the safari adventure in the African exhibits to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. On this train, we’ll enjoy a backstage view of life at Disney’s Wild Kingdom. We’ll learn what happens each day as trainers and caretakers provide for the animals here, and then we’ll disembark for an adventure in learning in the portion of the park dedicated to conservation education. I can’t wait to have fun with my kids as they learn valuable lessons about taking care of our earth.I always have a better time when I know that I look great, so I’m especially eager to see what fashions you recommend for my family fun day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.”


Well here’s what Burgheoisie suggests for Kendra’s trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
You can check out the Day & Night ensembles on Burgheoisie’s Polyvore


You can follow Kendra Thornton on Facebook & Twitter to see who the winners are for her Fashion Challenge. Let her know how much you love @burgheoisie style and fashion picks!




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