Local Should Mean More than Shopping

Burgheoisie is a big supporter of local fashion. I believe Pittsburgh may have future opportunities to produce non-organic textiles which would be amazing!  Whether for utility or fashion, raw textile materials produced in an area should ideally be fabricated there by skilled labors. The list of economic and environmental advantages could go on: more jobs, fair wages, sustainable operations, lower carbon foot print (ie: less waste in gas and packaging), utilizing natural resources.  As a consumer, you might even save a buck or two for the same item you’d pay to continue supporting a monstrous industry that doesn’t fully support worker rights.

Forget UPS international shipping back and forth, under paid workers in deplorable sweatshop conditions, and governments doing wrong by labor unions. Literally- your neighbor could have a better quality of life with a job in garment construction right here.  It’s definitely a slow growing concept because ubiquitous box stores boost sales and trends, not how your clothing purchases impact the the world at large.

If you can; shop indie, shop local, and shop with a conscientious mindset that the next shirt you pick up at a big box store may have a cry for help sewn in to the label.  How would you respond to that if you knew them?

You can read more about the challenges of regulating fast fashion in this article by US News here.

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