Past Events, Inspiration, and Design Strategies

Private shopping parties, music festivals, church basements, and outdoor parks. Each their own atmosphere, crowd, and preferences. It’s like a social experiment in progress when you get to meet new folks in any of these spaces, learn what’s pleasant and not at the time.


Sense of traveling and stories.  The awkward sale. A commodity exchange. Product moves, people are happy, and the buzz of a market no matter where it is or what it smells like it’s a sense of community people show up for.


My lack of a car causes all sorts of design and style opportunities that I’ve been working out with displays, one-of-a-kind items, and ability to replicate best sellers. Sometimes parts and items are a totally toss of the coin, especially in a new market.


Also been planning my year in advance for travel and inquiries for new places to display my work, friends to visit, things to take. Inventory and really getting a handle of material management will rue the day for me. Seems my sense to reuse everything comes at a bit of a price. Including damaging history in a sense to alleviate my urge to create use and not loose the value of something once revered.


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