Markets, Merchandising, and Musing on the Process

Living seasonally is pretty effective. The weather tells you what’s coming up, what can be grown, how to organize the production of the year.  Production can be anything. Life is a production, even in a melodramatic way; you’d like to obtain something or refrain from something, and a process of work forms.  Retail is seasonal, building product is process oriented, and the cultural weather is always shifting in terms of popularity and trends in consumerism.

I’ve been fortunate to have the support of a wide variety of communities, special groups, and vendors who have helped me organize a series of open-air markets in the North Side of Pittsburgh for the last three years.  Cedar Arts Market started in 2014 after a conversation at a public Bike/Pedestrian Committee meeting at the now Common Place Coffee on Buena Vista St.  It was just an overheard question my ears picked up and a relationship was born.

For the series in 2015, it again was monthly beginning in June and partnered with the 3rd annual Deutschtown Music Festival in July.  This year, another partnership transpired with Justice For Animals PA to create the first VegFest on August 22nd.   September 12th will be focused on Trade in all forms with community groups and local businesses.  More events are in the works for the fall and holiday season, including a Home to Hobby Business Management workshop series.  More details will be available at my other blog:

For Burgheoisie, design and materials are philosophical elements. Merchandising unique, one-of-a-kind items can be difficult with such eclectic mediums as found objects and repurposed materials that may hold no similar themes or pattern that relate to each other.  I was really excited to showcase the new merchandise set up featuring altered vintage trunks and suitcases, original flat-pack design accessory wooden displays, upcycled tagging and product holders at the music festival. It was a goal of mine to make sure the trunks were open-door ready with minimal installation, that all other table top merchandising fit in to said trunks, and break-down was as just as easy. Happy to announce, mission accomplished!

For this summer, Burgheoisie can be found at Cedar Arts Market on August 22nd and September 12th at Allegheny Commons East Park.  Event details at:

In addition, I’ll be joining I Made It! Market‘s group of artists at Feastival on August 1st in McKees Rocks.

More market and show dates to be announced, watch for updates on the blog and social media.

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