Discovery, and its’ repercussions, make the maker.

I began making early to express my understanding of the world. The more I explored the world, the frequency of my making increased. Though my hands will never catch up to the ideas, visions, wonder, and expressions in my mind during this life, my style and processes still inspire growth.

From salvaging, using hi-tech programming, to marrying the two, I incorporate what I have found, love, and unable to part without my mark of embrace. These items, my products, are metaphoric messages in a bottle of a story between me and the world.

Burgheoisie formed after finding my roots in my hometown of Pittsburgh and the fabulous experiences I’ve had all over the world; meeting people and experiencing culture unknown to me has been a blessing I wish to share. No matter how beautiful or dreadful a place time takes me to, I use what is around me, and embrace it.

burgheoisie :: charm :: embrace :: discover


Burgheoisie™ is a trademarked name. © 2016. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Helloooo. I bought a tiny bar of lotion at the craft fair in Bloomfield and love it and want more. Pls contact me. Lorri

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